Therapeutic and cuddly at the same time
Taking the seasons most popular creatures and turning them into cute cuddly warming packs.
The Cuddle Critters Story
It was my job to design therapy packs of the hottest animals of the season. The cute creatures are actually a hand sewn sleeve that encases a hot/cold pack that you either heat up or cool off for therapeutic purposes. On-top of that there is also a separate sleep mask designed for each creature.
The Critters
Each creature was given a unique name and birthday to make them more personal for the consumer. Numerous creatures were designed but in the end they decided to go with a Caticorn, Shark, Sloth, Swan and Llama.
The packaging look and feel
Using a bright and colourful palette, each package was designed with a unique pattern and colour scheme specific to each creature. It was my job to create each creature and ensure that they would fit within the packaging constraints. Each creature was designed to fit into a box with a PVC window and a rope to use for hanging on-shelf.