Darcy's Dog Days
Darcy's Dog Days is a Vancouver island company that centres around caring, rescuing and rehabilitating dogs and other animals.
Darcy's Dog Days Logo
From the get-go Darcy's dog Diego was to be the centre of the logo. He is the mascot of the company and one main recipient of Darcy's affection. We settled on a more realistic look as opposed to an abstract representation of the dog.
Logo Concepts
The main requirement was for the logo to have an illustration of Darcy's dog Diego. I took a more simplistic approach at first but then ended up with a realistic representation of Diego. Different methods to write Darcy's Dog days were explored as well as different colours.
Colour & Typography
I chose the sans serif font to compliment the handwritten font. The illustration of Diego is more organic than structured. I wanted it to have a more personal feel to it. The logo had to be legible when scaled down so I chose fonts that were easy to read. When choosing a palette I tried a few blue and green options, but we ended up with the orange amber option because it complimented Diego's caring and compassionate eyes.
T-shirt Designs
Darcy wanted to have t-shirts that she could wear to advertise her business. The logo placed on the front chest and on the back Diego's striking face.
The Business Card Look
For the business cards, Darcy wanted it to be simple and straight-to-the-point. A big bold logo on the front and the contact information on the back.