Branding for the semi-retired consultant
How do you communicate a business that is the leadership of one man in the earth observation sector?
The Logo
Shortly after retiring, the client needed a brand to help with his side consulting business that was both personal and separate from his past employer. The branding had to communicate that he was the guy to help solve their problems with earth observation.
Concepts & Ideas
EO DVC sells leadership, innovation, and the industry knowledge to get complex projects off the ground. The first concept revolves around bright ideas, while the second revolves around the man that gets them off the ground. The third is more targeted to company's specialty, earth observation.
Thought process
Some sketches and my thought process.
Color and Typography
As EO DVC revolves around projects in the earth observation space, an earthy palette was appropriate for the job. Gotham is ideal here, as it ties well to the simplistic illustrations used in the logo and shares the same angles.
Business Card
The business card was designed with a very simple and minimalistic approach. It needed it to be simple and easy to understand with little graphics to get in the way of the information.