A unique experience sparked an idea
Funny story. One day I was doing work at the Toronto Reference Library and saw a small bird flying around the building, I later found out that it was a finch bird. I was worried that it might be trapped and let the staff know about it. They told me that it had been there for years and has was quite happy. This experience sparked the idea for the Knowledge Nest project.
Giving this idea an identity
Baby birds grow up in nests where they gain their love and nourishment in order to tackle life. This was the idea behind the brand. The nest represents the library and the bird represents the people that use it.
Poster and slogan
The goal was for the poster to convey a warm and nurturing environment to work in with a range of different personalities working together. The lines separating each section represents the nest where people gain the nourishment required to take on the world.
Colours and typefaces
The colours reflect growth and knowledge. Blue being a very information and technology driven colour, I felt it was appropriate, and yellow a bright and youthful colour also representative of the finch icon. Adam CG Pro is the right typeface because it is very simplistic and has unique angles that tie into the intertwining lines of a nest.
Concepts and Ideas - Logo
The concept "library as a nest of knowledge" was clear when I build the first designs. The intent was to show an abstract nest with a bird. But with some of these concepts, I found that the flying bird closely resembled the twitter bird, as opposed to the Finch I saw in the library that day.
Concepts and Ideas - Poster
Once I had both a logo and a brand, the next step was a poster to showcase a fictional program. These were a few ideas that were tried before landing the final poster look. I wanted to ensure that the poster represented an ideal, happy learning space, while and carrying the theme of people growing and learning within in the nest.