The art of Kombucha tea
Every now and then I while exploring, I'll come across a product that I think could use different design. Weather in it’s logo, packaging or overall look. This is one of those products that sparked an idea.
Kombucha wonder drink
I came across a line of Kombucha teas from the local supermarket that I felt needed a new look. I decided to re-design both the logo and the packaging from scratch to make it consistent with the look of the products being sold to its target demographic. The inspiration behind the logo was the fermentation process of Kombucha. Mixing different tea and flavours that ferment. To show off this process, I used angled shapes enclosed in a bottle.
Original design
This is what the original design looked like. It was too plain, and simple and old-timey for a product being marketed for young urban professionals. After learning about the process of making Kombucha, it was a clear that they needed a more fun and colourful touch.
The collection
As a set I wanted this product to have a lively look and feel. Using different shapes, angles and vibrant colours I wanted to give this old outdated look an update. Instead of designing a label for the bottles, I went for a sleeve that conformed to the shape of them bottle which maximized the brand's presence on-shelf.
Colour and typography
Because this is an earthy product, I chose a palette that is more common in nature - dark earthy, and flat colours. The intent was also to use a minimal palette that consisted of only two colours and tints in-between for each flavour.