Giant Tiger, everything except the flyer
I was lucky enough to cut my teeth into design, while being part of an amazing team at Giant Tiger. Here, I had many opportunities to help GT transform and adapt to the ever-changing retail world during increasing pressure from new competition, through print and digital marketing.
Throwing out the welcome mat
Whenever a Giant Tiger store had a special event which included: grand openings, special events or a store was having a blowout sale, they required promotional material for assistance. Some examples included advertisements, photography, interior signage and packaging.
Promoting the brand
While keeping to the rigorous company standards, I designed advertising material for special in-store events and store openings. These ads appeared all over newspapers, bus shelters, as well as social media.
Other promotions
Social media, renovation signage and product designs were a few of the other projects that I took part in as well.
Photoshoot directing and styling
In this first position, I also directed photoshoots and created various promotional posters for upcoming seasons. This is where I first worked with photoshoot stylists, picking out the clothing as well as directing the models. These three posters went on the walls beside each other, and I saw an opportunity to make them work with each other. The lines and shapes in the background also help the stores know what order to display the posters.
A wide variety of packaging designs
With the help of in-house guideline I modernized a wide variety of in-store packaging. A lot of research and development went into the designs. Colours and photography were carefully chosen so that the products would have the highest shelf presence.
Hide and seek
The fun part about this packaging was that the tiger tail was hidden in each design somewhere.