Packaging on the softer side
Satin is one of lifes simple pleasures. The fabric is soft against your skin and reduces facial creases, wrinkles and prevents your hair from breaking and tangling.
Modern take on pillowcase packaging
For this project the client wasn't afraid of doing something a little more risqué. The emphasis on the word Satin was the main driving point for this product design and it had to communicate clearly that this was a Satin pillowcase.
Rebrand Concepts
The first thought resolved around a generic window package, something you can see with, and without a bellyband. At some point, I saw an opportunity to use typography as the way to highlight the product in a more sophisticated manner.
The look before
The old design served itself well, for a time. The diecut window in the shape of a pillow was novel, but over time this type of transparent shape became common along the products it sat alongside. It was time to make something that would help it stand out, once again.
The New Line-up
Using an acetate window to let customers see the type of fabric they were going to sleep on is still the right approach. But in moving the artwork direction from illustration to using the word "satin", it creates a bold, and elegant look that contains the literal meaning of the word within the letters. It also affords an opportunity to use a pastel palette allowing the packaging to compliment the colour of the pillowcase.
Satin Eyemask & Pillowcase Set
On-top of the pillowcase, other sets have been created. One being a sleep mask and pillowcase set.