Shower caps for everyone
A shower cap is this big fluffy thing that protects your hair from water. It's not easy to visually communicate one, while making it look fashionable. Here's how I did it.
The box design and look
The shower caps are packaged in a box with a shower cap shaped window. This gives a more upscale look that feels more important on-shelf. It's important in seeing this, that the customer knows right away that this is a shower cap. Each shower cap has a unique pattern and colour palette associated with it. I used bright colours on the packaging that compliment each shower cap design to help it stand out.
Building the right shower cap box
When I received this project, I knew then that using a window to show off the shower cap's pattern was the best starting point. These designs helped me figure out that in order for the customer to want the product, they had to imagine themselves wearing it.
Before and after
This was a life cycle project of an existing product, where the client had to take something old, and make it new again. The old packaging was a PVC pouch that obscured that this was a shower cap, let alone a decent one. By migrating to a box the product looked more upper class, while being less expensive to manufacture.
The line-up
This product is sold in many different patterns and colours that rotate on a quarterly basis. Each shower cap has a special pattern and colour scheme partnered with it.