Pilsner can design with a west-coast flavour
In the past month, I have been touring BC, a place with many more breweries than my home province of Ontario. Seeing both the exotic nature as well as the variety of beers everywhere inspired me to design my own line, using sleeve printing. It's a cost-effective solution for new breweries, and the colours just pop off the shelf, compared to just printing directly on the can.
The finished piece
A pilsner for Vancouver Island: Here, I emulate the BC coast in look and feel. The Sitka Spruce is ubiquitous, both as a brand for clothing as well as a tree that is easy to pick out from the Pines, Arbutus and Cedars. This was the right icon to center this concept.
Concepts and ideas
While playing with typography and patterns, I tried a few different ideas. The trend is generally been towards modern look, but this locale demands that instead of pursuing this modern feel, it should feel more natural and refreshing.
Greens and Pine Needles
Pilsners are crisp and call back to the outdoors where the dominant colours on the coast are the blues and greens. To support this, I needed the colours to communicate "fresh", so I choose a cooler palette of greens and teals. Arcane is a font-family that has the look and feel that reminds me of the edges of the Sitka. The points at the mid-level are a natural match for the brand.