An elegant approach to shampoo and conditioners
Walmart sought to redesign their "moisture rich and keratin" shampoo and conditioner line. I was asked to take the old design and move it towards an elegant and simplistic direction.
A lesson in transparent labels and special inks
The transparent bottle label was designed with a screen colour that matched the bottle colour. This method helped to hide the label edges on the bottle. Since the initial design consisted of metallic inks and gradients, this caused problems on the press, and the design had to be altered to remove the gradients. It was a lesson in transparent labels and gradient inks that I never knew about and has helped guide me ever since.
Designing for the customer who likes to buy in bulk
This product was sold as a dual pack of shampoo and conditioner. This required a boot that held each bottle and was shrunk wrapped for easy transport. Metallic inks were used on the boot to compliment the bottles' colours and brand.